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Ajrakh Mashroo Print

Syootih offers the best collection of Ajrakh Block Prints! We offer a vast range of western wear that features these beautiful prints. Intricate design and vibrant colors make these prints a prominent part of Indian Textiles for centuries.

Our Ajrakh print fabric made with the MASHRU material which is type if cotton fabric only but right side have a silk texture so while looking gorgeous you ll be comfortable and feel breathable. We also features a variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, and Modal satin. Ajrakh block printing is a traditional textile printing technique that has been practiced for centuries in Gujarat in India and Sindh in Pakistan. It is unknown when ajrakh block printing originated, but it has been practiced for at least 4000 years.

The word "ajrakh" is derived from the Arabic word "azrak", which means blue. The printing process typically involves using natural dyes to print intricate designs onto fabric, often in shades of blue, red, and black. Ajrakh block printing is known for its complex geometric patterns and use of natural dyes made from plants and minerals.

The craft has been passed down through generations of artisans in the region, with each family developing its unique style and techniques. Today, ajrakh block printing is recognized as a unique form of textile printing and is still practiced by artisans in India and Pakistan, albeit on a much smaller scale than in the past.

Ajrakh block prints are known for featuring unique and intricate geometric patterns that are created by using a combination of block printing and resist dyeing techniques. These patterns often include:
1. Symmetrical designs: Ajrakh prints often feature symmetrical designs with repeating patterns that create a sense of balance and harmony. These patterns are often created using geometric shapes like squares, diamonds, triangles, and circles.
2. Floral motifs: Along with geometric patterns, ajrakh block prints also often include floral motifs like lotus flowers, paisleys, and vines. These motifs are usually stylized and abstract, rather than realistic representations of the flowers.
3. Borders and frames: Ajrakh prints also frequently feature borders and frames, which are created using repeated patterns and geometric shapes. These borders and frames are often used to highlight the central design of the fabric.
4. Natural elements: The patterns in ajrakh block prints often draw inspiration from the natural world, with motifs like leaves, birds, and animals featuring prominently.

Our Ajrakh print collection is available in mordern silloutte and trendy designs for Gen-z to Millenials.
Those looking for a touch of luxury will love our Ajrakh print collection the best option. Mashru fabric is embellished with intricate block prints, which give it a regal appearance. Dresses, crop tops, and Co-ords made of these fabrics are perfect for creating stunning comfortable stylish western wear outfits.

Our Ajrakh block print uses natural dyes to create intricate patterns and designs on fabrics such as cotton and silk. The colors used in Ajrakh block printing are typically deep blue, indigo, red, black, and white, and they are derived from natural sources such as indigo, madder root, pomegranate skin, and iron rust. The resulting color palette is often rich and earthy, with a distinct handcrafted feel that is highly valued in the textile industry.

In conclusion, our Ajrakh Block Prints collection offers a range of beautiful and intricate block printed wester wear. The prints are available in a range of naturally dyed fabric, making it easy for you to suits your taste.

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